• The New Rock Paper Salon and Store

    As Rock Paper Salon and Store gets settled in at our new location at 510 Main St, I can't help but reflect on where we started and how far we've come. Join me for a little retrospective, will you? 

    First location: A beautiful cozy space with gorgeous light. The perfect location to quietly introduce my ideas to Medina, one awesome client at a time. However, it was just too far off the beaten path to share my vision with a larger audience once I was ready to branch out. I loved the space, but I quickly outgrew it. And quite frankly I wanted more foot traffic and a better view (do you remember the parking lot dumpster?! Enough said.). 

    Second location: We made our way to Main St! Yes, it was on the far edge of the action, but it was a great big space to play and experiment with the salon/store concept. We had alot of fun. We figured out what we loved as well as what wasn't meant for us long-term. But like a poorly executed asymmetrical bob, this space always felt a little disconnected...and not in a good way. There were so many incredible things happening in the store in the back that remained unseen as a result of the layout. And with just one small storefront there wasn't enough light to warm the chill in the air.

    Current location: When 510 Main St became available we quickly realized that it offered all the things we loved about our first two locations, with the added bonus of being on a busier stretch of Main St. The new location offers gorgeous natural light with just enough space to show off our carefully curated assortment of products and apparel without feeling overwhelming. The layout is cohesive and provides the perfect canvas for the experience I hope to create for my Rock Paper Salon and Store Clients...

    In the new Rock Paper Salon and Store my love of hair and fashion fit together in our best space yet. The store is infused with unique pieces of clothing that can't be found outside of Rochester or Buffalo. The looks are repurposed yet current, on trend without feeling trendy. There is nowhere else in Medina that offers the eclectic clothing styling going on here and I'm constantly adding to the assortment so the offerings will always feel fresh. If you see something for sale in the store it is because we personally believe in it, use it, and love it. If you're looking for a gift for yourself or a friend look no further than Rock Paper (we even gift wrap!). 

    As I grow and evolve as an artist in this industry, I continue to be inspired by worldwide trends while staying true to my roots and trusting my own instincts. I believe in and love Redken ammonia free color as well as Pureology and Davines organic hair products for everyday care and styling. However this year I'm also incorporating some psychedelic pastels from bleach London for clients looking to explore edgier looks. It's a very exciting time in hair and fashion and I can't wait to connect with even more awesome people in Medina and beyond! 

    I look back fondly on the past 4 years and I feel great pride about how far we've come. I can't help but feel that we're right where we're supposed to be. I look forward to seeing you at the new Rock Paper Salon and Store! 


  • its been awhile...

    phew. its been awhile. i got real busy with busy. ive been learning new hair techniques for spring 2013, changing over the season in resurrection, visiting some hair and fashion cities, and spending alot of quality time with my chicas~ grace and mary margaret.

    lets start off by telling you this- spring hair 2013 still LOVES ombre. this go to hair color technique looks great on all ages and on all hair types with all hair colors. it really is going to go down in history as one of the coolest hippest ways to wear your hair in the 21st century. With that being said.. ombre the be jesus out of your hair.

    knots (tight) * fluffy full textured ponies* loose waves (obviously) * pixies (for the brave) * the vob.

    THE VOB~ yvonne flores vintage bob. its chin lenght and blunt. tons of texture. no angles. bangs will really bring you up to speed.

    I love so much the changes in hair and fashion. I love how they go together hand and hand. I love how a hair style can stay for a bunch of seasons with just a simple change. a deeper part, a messier look, or just a bobby pin.

    Changing over from winter to spring in resurrection. COLOR COLOR COLOR. metallics. sparkles. grunge. hippie. bohemian. it all comes together this spring into resurrection. playful flowy knee lenght skirts,  a play on under water skirts, floral or abstract pencils, flowy tops, metallic tops, strange prints, BLACK AND WHITE mod, overalls, raincoats, gouchos. its light and airy in resurrection but with lots of color. dont come in here without an imagination.

    Vegas was uneventful. I strolled the strip looking aimlessley for that one fashion lady who was going to inspire me all the way into easter, but I found it not to be true. SO then I changed my search for the old school casino girls sitting tableside of their mad men and turning to a profile with a beehive of sorts and a glamourous dress. That I saw in a handful. I think us ladies need to bring it back. As we go into a steakhouse and not for a second think about ordering a pasta dish- the same rule of thumb should apply in cities. Vegas is old world glamour. Be that girl. I did. I wore red lips to the pool. Big hats (even though it was cloudy) and even brought some high heel slippers to wear in my room while I was getting ready for dinner. I felt so pretty. I felt like a lady.

    Toronto is a great city. The people know whats going on. The boys in their rolled up skinnies and super one of kind oxies (oxfords). Lots of dark heavy frames. Girls in dresses galore. Jeans and running shoes are for errands. When we stroll in Toronto, its an A line dress, scarf, shades and boots. So many fun faces. Grace and Mary Margaret photographed many willing particiapants for their future fashion blog. 

    Spring has sprung. Stay tuned as I escape for explore, meet, and love.

  • welcome to the Rock Paper blog!

    i am so glad you are here and i am so excited you're reading this! i have so much to say, but for my first post i'm going to keep it short and sweet. i get bored really fast. i find so much more excitement in creating something new than trying to be or do something that's already been done. that is why i've brought rock paper salon + store to medina and why i'm now bringing this blog to life here. this is the place where i plan to share the incredible feelings i get when making someone feel beautiful and new, often by utilizing something "old." Maybe it's a sparkly dress from the 70's (that was once worn by a vixen) and a modern day bob. Every woman has a beauty that is just waiting below the surface to be revealed. Sometimes they need a little help finding it. But when they do it is pure, magnificent, over-the-top radiance! i found mine, and i believe it is my calling to help other women find theirs. i feel so beautiful when i'm different. i think each woman should work to cultivate or find her signature style. when i try on a pair of really sexy heels, a pencil skirt and a great top, i see my curves and i like them. i feel feminine. then maybe i'll swirl my hair in an old time pompadour and smear on some red lips, mascara and a swipe of eye liner. i step back and look in the mirror and out of the corner of my eyes i see my two beautiful daughters, smiling at me. right behind them is my handsome husband whose face speaks volumes...I'm not the only who likes what she sees...